Change Season to Raining Diseases are Coming

Change Rainy Season Make More People Getting Sick

Now is rainy season already begin, rain always come every day. What actually happen on the rainy season? it become something amazing, because already long time no rain. This year may almost 6 months no rain and when the raining season comes, every thing become amazing. When raining comes everything grows by theirself, not just grass, but small fruit trees also grows. We don't talk when the seed comes but it looks already rule by the Almighty Power, he is the God.

Many stranger plants are growing, like Desember flower that growing very fast, faster than the other flower. Growing bigger and bigger like already targeted that on December all should be finished and merge flower. Only need 4 weeks they are growing and become bloom.

Changing in season usually will come other strange diseases like flu and rheumatic are coming. Influenze are coming, its like wake up from the sleeping diseases. The virus like sleep in long steady season and suddenly come in the changing season. On the changing season certain diseases like wake up from long sleeping.

Herbal Medicine Can Be Dangerous

Herbal medicine have spread out over the world about $60 billion, and now more people need because the growing of people knowledge and advertising on the internet. Beside the growing fast of herbal medicine trading, medicinal trading also grows and can’t be controlled.

Herbal medicine is prefer by mostly people because it usually cheaper than generic medicine that usually given by Doctor in Hospital or clinics. Sometime herbal medicine also more accurate than usual medicine that often use by Doctor on medical treatment. For example one of my experience of using Mahogany seed use for itch treatment that already 10 years had.

The study of toxic analyses from Pakistan Province found toxic mold found on common medicinal plants in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, that the majority of people use herbal medicine. They found that about 43% of plants were naturally contaminated by toxin that is produced by molds that could be harmful to human health. The sample already taken fact 30% contained aflatoxins which are carcinogenic and linked to liver cancer.

Even the scientist found the fact like the above said but the trading of herbal medicine is goes on, and people still believe that herbal medicine still good for their health and their financial. Herbal medicine in china still become prefer because the people there have educated on using herbal medicine in order not contaminated by other microbe or mold.

Some diseases can be treated by herbal medicine in china such as the following diseases:
  • Insomnia and fatigue
  • Loss of appetite and common digestive disorders
  • Constipation bowel syndrome
  • Common cold and influenza
  • Chronic headaches
  • Skin disorders like itch
  • Fluid retention
  • Anxiety, depression and stress

How to Rapid Weight Loss

As on the advertising text or picture, they often write "Rapid Weight Loss" or "Burn Fat Fast" to make your body look slimy or sexy. Many woman don't realize their age and try to search many article that can support their wanted to make look more beauty. The beauty of woman is should be maintain indeed, but their is limitation as the natural.

Some advertisement don't guarantee the effect, they just affected you to buy their product and usually they suggest to try for long time to make any effect to your body. Do they said what actually negative effect to your body? Manya product seller don't want to say what the negative effect, because this is contrary with the seller goal.

I don't said that the product is bad, but I just said the product may have side effect or the product is not suitable for every woman. If you try there are three possibilities, your body become look slimy and this is what you want, and the goal of to get Rapid Weight Loss can be reached, the second you have body slim as you want but there is other side effect that I can't say what it is, but this is depend on your body acceptance. The worst result, you don't get slimi body but you get side effect.

I just advise, if you want to get slimy in fast way, please be carefull because many of suggestion have bad effect to your body. The good advise is eat enough, rest enough, sport enough to make you healthy. Dietary always need but the calory should be enough, make your body will look as it is.

Veggies That Kill Stomach Fat

Some of veggies belief can kill stomach fat. Some food veggies that kill belly fat are very necessary for those of you who are in diet program. These kind of food can help you to shape the muscles if you regularly follow the exercise.

Some Veggies that can kill belly fat as follows:

Several types of green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower are very helpful at all to kill belly fat.

Avocado is a food full of nutrients, so it is very important role in need of abdomimal fat. Some substances contained in avocados can destroy monounsaturated fat between 11 to 17 grams per avocado.

Food from basic ingredient egg contains the protein and various nutrients required by the body. Food is very suitable to be consumed as a substitute for the main menu, and certainly do not have a high fat.

Green Tea
Green tea is a beverage that contains high antioxidant, green tea also can boost fat burning in the body. So this will be useful to kill betty fat.

Oatmeal do not have the fat that is harmful to the body, because it has fiber that is beneficial to the digestive process. But also need to make sure to avoid of consuming food derived fro wheat.

Beware 7 Asymptomatic Diseases

When symptoms appear, the condition may have deteriorated or have an advanced stage. 7 diseases should be aware of because often does not cause symptoms and do not realize.

1. Hypertension and High Cholesterol
Hypertension and high cholesterol are essentially not give any complaints for the sufferer. Ideally the normal blood pressure for adults is ≤ 120/80 mmHg, and called hypertension grade I when the tension ≥ 140/90 and grade II hypertension when blood pressure ≥ 160/100. Blood pressure exceeds 180/120 is also called hypertension crisis (dangerous).

But ironically, hypertension until ≥ 200/120 also sometimes does not give any symptoms! Or in most cases, people are just complaining mild dizziness and mild aches. Either know or not the actual impact hypertension has occurred when pressure ≥ 120/80; effect the damage will accumulate until many years later a new cause of heart and blood vessel disease. Especially for hypertensive crisis, the danger of stroke, heart disease, and blood vessel rupture can threaten at any time.

2. Chronic Kidney Disease
The main function of the kidneys is to filter the blood and remove the remains of metabolism in the urine. However, renal disease is not always marked by urine or urination problems. In my experience, only realized when disease symptoms are entered stage III or IV, and some even have direct dialysis (hemodialysis).

Called chronic kidney disease (chronic kidney disease / CKD) when kidney function has decreased progressively. It is feared these CKD patients on renal replacement action is (regular dialysis or a kidney transplant), when it is a terminal stage (stage V). CKD stage IV will not be returning to stage III or II again, and so on, so that the focus of therapy is to prevent further decline in renal function.

3. Diabetes Mellitus (DM)

It should be admitted , the doctor is difficult to determine exactly when the disease actually begins. There is literature that says, if the HbA1C levels ≥ 6.5 (this is the benchmark rate of DM diagnosis) is already micro vascular damage in the retina of the eye due to high sugar levels (retinopathy).

Some patients initially complained of symptoms 3P: polyuria (frequent urination), polydipsia (frequent thirst), and polyphagia (frequent hunger), and weight loss for no reason. It is a classic symptom of diabetes. Although it had appeared, the symptoms are often overlooked or not considered important. In fact, the complaint may open the door to early detection and proper DM .

4. Osteoporosis
Although we are familiar with this disease, but we do not know whether it is or not experience bone loss. Osteoporosis does not have any symptoms or complaints, patients often come already with pain due to broken bones (fractures) or the incidence of falls due to brittle bones. The highest rate of osteoporosis occurs in postmenopausal women, especially those with low weight.

The right way to detect early bone density is by examination (bone densitometry), or in the early cases can be done with radiological examinations.

5. Coronary Heart Disease ( CHD )
In medicine , male gender and age ≥ 45 years ( yet another plus factor ) is included as a risk factor for coronary heart disease ( CHD ) . CHD usually appears as a left chest pain, such as reduced body weight, which sometimes spreads to the arms, lower jaw, and shoulders. That is, there is a blockage in the coronary arteries. But in fact, CHD can occur without any symptoms! Patients may suddenly fall lying unnoticed.

6. Transmitted infections (HIV and Hepatitis)
Many new patients are known to have contracted HIV after him many other secondary infections. As is known, HIV patients have low immunity so prone to infection. In other words, the HIV virus does not kill the patient directly, but through the secondary infections. HIV patients most likely to die of tuberculosis or hepatitis C.

Fortunately, testing for HIV and hepatitis have been routinely performed on healthy people, for example when applying for a job. In the laboratory results that demonstrate the value of positive HBsAg (hepatitis B markers) . He does not know from which source, and said he did not use intravenous drugs, free sex, or blood transfusions . And there is no health complaints for this; just pure lab results are problematic.

The majority of cases occur due to chronic hepatitis B infection through the placenta in the womb. For example, a pregnant woman with hepatitis B positive, the baby has a very big risk for hepatitis as well, but with the nature of chronic illness: there are no symptoms in the early years.

7. Hepatic cirrhosis (liver shrinkage)
Called cirrhosis of the liver, when normal cells are dead, replaced by fibrous fibers , shrinking its size, and cannot be recovered again . This condition is typically detected through ultrasound liver.
Patients usually have a history of liver disease that gradually and not treated until there was cirrhosis. Is the most common cause of chronic hepatitis are ignored because there are no symptoms.

Snacking But Stay Slim

Here are some tips if you really eat snack:
  1. Eat snack when you're really hungry. Do not let boredom or frustration "beat" you to eat.
  2. Conversely, if the flavor is coming, multiply physical activity such as walking and even meet a friend.
  3. Practice to control the portion. Twenty-eight grams of raw almonds (about 23 grains) has 160 calories and is suitable to support your healthy eating plan. But if you eat excessively, these healthy snacks will actually make you excess calories.
  4. Think small. Do not think big bag of fresh chocolate cake can satisfy your desire to snack.
  5. Do not get stuck on the words "fats free" and "no sugar". Fat-free, said Beauvais interpreted with low calories. But there are some products that attach the label, when compared with the usual product turns out the difference is not too far away.
  6. Plan your snack time. You will be less tempted to snack sweet in sight when you have to bring their own healthy snacks.
  7. Schedule time snacking. Snacking between meals, proven overeating at main meals helps maintain weight

Depression Diseases Increase

The high economic burden, the wide social gap, as well as the socio-political situation of uncertainty makes people suffer from depression. The weight of the soul lead to irrational through and manifest in violent behavior, ranging from the fight, harassment, domestic violence, murder, to commit suicide.

"Depression is often undetected," said the Director of the Ministry of Health Mental Health Loyal Diah Utami in Jakarta, Friday (5/10). Symptoms of depression are not only the manifests of itself in a change of behavior tend to be silent, but it could be otherwise, so aggressive and agitate.
However, most people do not realize he was depressed in disguise. Common symptoms are often shown in a physical disease that occurs repeatedly in a certain time and can not be cured with medication, such as migraines every day, stomach ulcer constantly, sleeplessness, and colds.

Basic Health Research 2007 says, the national prevalence of people with mental disorders emotional (anxiety and depression) in people aged over 15 years reach to 11.6 percent (approximately 20 million people). Who experience severe mental disorder 0.46 percent (about 1 million).

Mental illness can happen to anyone, from infants to the elderly (seniors). Women are generally more vulnerable to depression than men. The increasing variety of chronic diseases, such as heart problems, hypertension, and diabetes, depression in the elderly is also increasing.

Change Season to Raining Diseases are Coming

Change Rainy Season Make More People Getting Sick Now is rainy season already begin, rain always come every day. What actually happen on ...